My Paradise

This term has a different meaning for everyone. What does paradise mean to you? Do you already have it; are you wishing and/or waiting for it? In the design and interpretation, you are free to follow your own ideas. All sorts of materials and techniques may be used (beadweaving, beading on a loom, embroidery, wirework, chain maille, metal brazing and soldering and metal stamping, as well as lampwork, macramé, and other knotting techniques, etc.) as long as glass beads play the main role – and that means using the hole/thread channel as such, so please don’t just glue beads onto something!

Eligible are jewelry and accessories as well as objects (such as room decorations), but only those that have never been published elsewhere. In a few sentences, please explain what idea/concept|inspiration led you to design the piece (please in English or German).

Everyone can submit up to 3 different projects. However, only 1 will win. For each project 2 photos can be uploaded in a data volume of 3-5 mb per photo. ATTENTION: Take a picture of the project in full format, with little space around it, so the project itself will have enough data to make it easy to see! And please photograph with a lot of light on a plain, light, unstructured surface. Please do not attach any labels (names, abbreviations, logos, etc.)! Please don't photograph persons which are recognizable (submissions will be sorted out).

In addition to neat workmanship, it’s all about imagination and originality – the latter are heavily weighted in the judging. Therefore, non-professionals also have a good chance of being among the 25 nominees or 10 winners! There is also the Public Award.

Submissions can be made on the Perlen Poesie website under the menu item IBA 2018 beginning on September 1, 2018.
Submission deadline is October 31, 2018. You agree that photos of your submissions will also be published on Facebook! From 25th November you are free to publish your piece and promote it (e.g. on Facebook).

The winners will be named and receive gifts from participating company sponsors. 

The pleasure of participation is the main focus – not everyone can be a winner! In addition to the design and idea, the tastes of the individual jury members play a role too. And in the final round, there are often only minimal differences in the scores, so luck plays a role here, too, when it comes to which place one receives.

Ultimately, anyone who participates and creates his or her completely individual paradise, no matter its size, is a winner.

We wish you lots of fun in your search for paradise – and look forward to what you share with us!

Contest Status

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The Jury

Éva Dobos


The Hungarian autodidact, who has been teaching and publishing for 13 years, is best known for her filigree beaded beads and rings. Her designs have earned her a reputation as a renowned teacher in her country and abroad and have been featured in magazines, books, exhibitions and competitions. She likes to combine all the beading techniques in her work.

Olga Haserodt


The German artist with Russian roots has been creating jewelry for more than 10 years now. She started to work with beads in 2007. She calls herself an autodidact. Those just beginning are especially encouraged and supported by her friendly manner. She has already received a number of awards for her delicate and elaborate designs, which have been exhibited internationally. She has also been published in jewelry magazines. She cites the words of Confucius which apply to her view of life: “Tell me, and I will forget. Show me, and I may remember. Involve me, and I will understand.”

Julie Romero


The designer, who lives in France, grew up in a family of artists. She unfailingly creates accessories that stand out with their subtle élan and bright colors. She has already worked for Marie Claire Idées and has also been featured in other magazines. She is currently studying the art of the Lunéville high-fashion embroidery technique in France.

Olga Shumilova

Russian Federation

The artist, who lives in Moscow, studied Technology and Entrepreneurship at the Vyatka State University. The fashioning of jewelry from beads and natural stones using challenging techniques is an important part of her life. She participates in exhibitions and competitions – both as artist as well as juror.

Kerrie Slade

United Kingdom

The bead artist lives and works in the UK. As a freelance designer she takes on challenges with new types of beads and because of this sometimes works with companies to experiment with their innovations. Her work has been published in more than 30 books and magazines (Europe, USA).