Harmony of Nature and Technology

Symbolize that nature and technology can be compatible by taking at least one component from nature, such as feathers, stones, nuts, seeds, wood, seashells, etc., and integrate them into your jewelry design. They should remain unprocessed or worked only by your hands (e.g. perforated, smoothed, carved, painted ...). Use also a technical component (from a machine, from your toolbox or …).

You can bezel the opposing components if you want, but don’t hide or cover them.

All beading stiches, wire, chain maille, clay, lampwork and other techniques are allowed, while glass beads must be an essential part of your design! Please only design what people can actually wear – no room decorations.

Only submissions which have never been published elsewhere will be accepted.

Apart from the workmanship, it’s a matter of imagination and originality – the latter are highly rated.

Therefore, non-professionals also have good chances to be among the 10 winners or the 25 nominees. There is also the Readers’ Choice Award. All those who make it will be presented in Perlen Poesie’s media.

Submissions can be made to Perlen Poesie’s webpage under the menu item “IBA 2017” starting June 1st.

Submission deadline EXTENDED to November 1st, 2017

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Sponsoring Companies

The Jury

Nadya Gerber


Nadya Gerber worked as a young woman in the production and processing of glass. She discovered working with glass beads in 2009. She is known for being a dynamic designer as she loves asymmetrical design and the unusual composition of components, where beauty and harmony are always guaranteed. She has already received several prizes in jewelry design competitions and regularly teaches workshops.

Kinga Nichols

United States

Kinga Nichols was born in 1980 in Hungary and moved to the US in her late teens. From painting murals she switched her art into jewelry design. She has been teaching her own bead embroidery designs very successfully in the US. She took part in jewelry competitions a couple of times where she was among the finalists or won. Also she is author of video tutorials of her art. Kinga wants to inspire students to look at the world through some humorous, colorful lenses.

Martina Schlemminger


Martina Schlemminger is a thoroughbred lampworker owning the smallest glass museum in Germany. She is active as tester of glass for the glass factory Lauscha/Germany and is tirelessly present at events, to acquaint new ones with this old craft. She likes to try out unusual glasses, e.g. forest glass (to which she adds meteorite dust) and uranium glass.

Silke Steuernagel


Silke Steuernagel has been a jewelry designer for many years with a preference for perfect technique and clear lines. In addition, she is the author of the book “To Catch a Crystal” and editor of Perlen Poesie. She likes to incorporate unusual materials.

Joanne Zammit


Joanne Zammit is a gifted jewelry designer from the Mediterranean Island of Malta. She had her first training in color and design in the early 1990's whilst studying Interior Design and discovered beadwork around 12 years ago. She also took courses in Jewelry Manufacture & Design as well as Silver Filigree, but beadwork is what she loves most. In 2014 she was given Malta’s National Artisan Award.