Jewelry Set


3 hours

Éva Dobos

Earrings made of 4 different elements: 3 different crystal cabochons bezelled with different shaped beads and a silk tassel with a beaded cap. You can use the different elements to make rings, bracelets, necklaces too.
Date: Sunday, April 8
Time: Morning
Workspace: In separated seminar rooms
Techniques: different off loom techniques and stitches
Bring: beadmat, lamp, 10 and 12 needles, 8lb (or 6lb) fireline or nanofil, thread cutter/scissors
Language: English, Hungarian
Age group: Adults
Booking options: Pre-booking only

About the Artist

Éva Dobos
deEvadesign by Eva Dobos
Eva Dobos is a Hungarian self-taught bead artist best known for her intricate beaded beads and rings, whose unique designs has earned her a spot as a renowned teacher in her country as well as abroad and been featured in countless magazines, books, exhibitions and many competitions. Has been teaching since 2004 when she published her first book and instructions for a magazine where she now has her own columns. Uses almost every beading techniques and combines them within her pieces.

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