• Marcia DeCoster: The artist dresses stylishly, knits elegant tunics and makes jewelry mostly in Right Angle Weave. We met with her in Bonn, Germany, where she was giving three days of workshops. She shared several of her treasures, which you can see here, and let us use a project for a stylish bracelet.
  • Ausgezeichnet: Der „Beads Art Japan Grand Prix“ ist einer der renommiertesten Beading-Wettbewerbe im Land der aufgehenden Sonne. Wir stellen die Preis­trägerinnen 2008 vor und wovon sie sich bei ihren Designs inspirieren ließen.
  • Diane Fitzgerald begann als Hobby-Quilterin. Dann wurde sie „Perlenmeisterin“. Lesen Sie mehr und erfreuen Sie sich an einer Auswahl ihrer Werke.
  • Featuring sensual jewelry — through their densely beaded surfaces they just beg you to touch them. Learn about the Hexagon technique, and fall in love with new and beautiful kinds of beads. And as usual, artists from around the world offer great suggestions in this issue’s 16 projects. What a “beadiful” summer it is!
  • Judy Walker: „Victor Vasarely“ der Perlenkunst. Ihre Werke zeichnen sich durch hohe Präzision und ausgewogene Symmetrie aus.
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This term has a different meaning for everyone. What does paradise mean to you? Do you already have it; are you wishing and/or waiting for it? In the design and interpretation, you are free to follow your own ideas. All sorts of materials...

Bead and jewelry designer Martina Schlemminger is imaginative and talented. Her glass toadstool figurines have become her trademark.

Schwäbisch Hall is a medieval town in the northeast of Baden-Wuerttemberg in Germany. Half-timbered houses and narrow streets make a picture-perfect setting for a colorful and unhurried yet cosmopolitan ‘togetherness’. History is alive and touchable...

Small finesses characterize the style of Isabella Della Rowere

The Austrian artist has two creative passions: working with seed beads (embroidery, crochet, beading) and working with glass and her torch. In her workshop in Vienna she produces pretty focus beads, ring tops, earrings and jewelry sets. She makes...

Bead Art Fair Crossover

Concept update on 15,000 sqm! For the first time in Europe – 3 creative trade fairs combined in one exhibition hall: KREATIV | BEADERS BEST | MINERALS-FOSSILS-JEWELRY. Glass beads are used in the works of professional ...

From dancing to beaded paintings

Join us on a journey of discovery to an extraordinary collection, a magnificent overall composition, in which velvet and beads play the main roles. You look at paintings, furniture and textile accessories embroidered with millions of beads. On the...

Beverley Smith

She has been a professional artist since graduating from a design college (Sheridan College’s School of Design, Toronto, Ontario, Canada) and weaving college in Stockholm Sweden in the early 70’s. She moved from Toronto to the country 2 hours...
This should be symbolized by taking a component out of nature and incorporating it into a jewelry design (eg. feathers, stones, nuts, seeds, wood, shells and the like). In addition, a technical component (from a machine, the toolbox, etc.) should be...

Germany’s Bead Town

Most people know that glass beads made in Europe come from Czech Republic. Or Austria. Or Bohemia. From Gablonz, or Jablonec. Its a little confusing because of the name changes of empires, countries, provinces, and towns through the ages, but...

Author: Sabina B. Schürenberg

Swabian knitted beadwork – a long-forgotten, once flourishing branch of the textile industry. Production followed on a state measure in the early 19th Century to generate work for a poverty-stricken population in southern Germany. This cottage...