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  • A Summer Dream

    Kerrie Slade gives us a glimpse into her little beaded fairytales and indulges us with the lush, summery neckwear “Garden Party”. The Daisy Chain course is good for beginners. Intriguing projects await you such as Francis Drake, a small dragon for your wrist, and the necklaces Golden Harvest and Fireworks. You’ll also enjoy an assortment of easy-to-assemble pieces from earrings to pendants. And as usual, a little bit of history: How were glass pearls made? Finally, enjoy the nominated pieces for the 2015 International Bead Award: “On a Journey of Discovery”.

  • A Beady Spring

    Diverse and full of vision into spring! A treasure trove of 15 fresh projects awaits you. Great beads, fresh colors, many techniques and the second part of the Peyote course. As always, all of it beautifully presented and explained. Besides many tips and news, 3 exciting artist portraits provide you with plenty of ideas. In addition, 59 workshops tune you in to a beautiful summer event in Hamburg: the 5th BEADERS BEST Bead Art Fair!

  • Italian Elegance

    Draw attention to yourself with noble pendants, necklaces, rings, earrings and a “scarf necklace.” Find inspiration from 18 jewelry projects where a total of 11 techniques are used. Precise explanations and clear illustrations will make you successful! Good for beginners, the first of a two-part course will show you the basics of the Peyote stitch. In addition to news, tips and interesting fairs, learn about a historic craft: Gorl Stitchery.

  • Fireworks in Black

    Let us take you into a beady and colorful autumn. 17 projects: Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and entire jewelry sets. Additionally, take our course to find out how St. Petersburg Stitch is done. And just to be sure: How to do a Brick Stitch. Join us on a journey of discovery to Saxony where — a century ago — the jacquard beaded-fabric loom was developed. Last but not least, witness a firework display of inspiration in the artist profile of Kris Empting-Obenland and her title piece, Cocoon.

  • Structures

    Featuring sensual jewelry — through their densely beaded surfaces they just beg you to touch them. Learn about the Hexagon technique, and fall in love with new and beautiful kinds of beads. And as usual, artists from around the world offer great suggestions in this issue’s 16 projects. What a “beadiful” summer it is!


21 - 23.08.2015

Do you love handmade jewelry?

There will be a wealth of beads and other materials exhibited: the smallest seed beads, lampwork, gem stones, ceramic and crystal beads, findings and …


Together with artist Patty McCourt, All Beads Czech has developed two new beads with an extra-large hole: the quadratic "Quad" is 4 x 1.5mm, the hole has a 1.5mm diameter; the oval "One" is 3.5 x 5mm, 1.5mm thick with an oval hole. They can be used with many beading techniques, such as macramé, Kumihimo, crochet, Soutache.


Swabian knitted beadwork – a long-forgotten, once flourishing branch of the textile industry. Production followed on a state measure in the early 19th Century to generate work for a poverty-stricken population in southern Germany. This cottage industry, with an ever-expanding range of products, reached its peak around 1925: its specialty luxury items. In the 19th century, the articles were delivered to the Netherlands and in the twentieth shipped overseas to the USA.